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AED013 : Tenthu - Zair


The latest release on Alter Ego Digital brings the latest offering from Russian producer Tenthu. Zair is an uplifting trancer with a driving bass...

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AED012 : Miikka Leinonen - Shadow Hearts


Finnish producer Miikka Leinonen joins Alter Ego Digital with the stunning uplifting sounds of shadow hearts. This production centres round an epic...

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AED011 : Everwake - Twilight Rising


Everwake present their first Alter Ego release with Twilight Rising. This stunning uplifting trance production includes some hugely sexy vocal...

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AED010 : Joni - Things I Never Tell You


Things I Never Tell You is the fantastic prog trance production by swedish producer Joni Ljungqvist. Having been originally promo'd just over a year...

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AED009 : Icone meets Static Blue - The Fall


When Icone & Static Blue got together to collaborate the resulting piece of music was an amazing epic club track seeing a release under the name of...

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AED008 : Amphiby & Spiral Motion - Amphiby & Spiral Motion EP


Dutch producers Amphiby & Spiral Motion collaborate to deliver 2 amazing trance productions. The first track in this package is Eyes of Ice which...

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AED007 : Static Blue - Going Home


French producer Static Blue delivers his latest offering with the floaty melodic sounds and sparkling trancey elements of 'Going Home'. We had...

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AED006 : Sebastian Brandt Pres. Genua - Secret Staircase


Sebastian Brandt delivers 2 mixes of his Secret Staircase release. Both incorporate a perfect blend of hypnotic melodies & driving bass lines. The...

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AED005 : Jussi Soro - Backlash


Alter Ego Digital is proud to announce the edition of Finnish producer Jussi Soro (Miika & Jussi / Five AM) to our roster for the 5th release. ...

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