18 Feb 2013
Turning the word symphony on its head are Miroslav Vrlik and Hydro Poison with their crafty Sky & Sea symphonies for The Symphony EP which claims release fifty-eight on our Inov8 label!

Two very unique melodic tracks that will work well in any driving set! Individually these guys know their stuff but together they prove to be a real powerhouse!

A Sky Symphony is a melodic showcase with a plethora of well crafted top lines and soundscapes coupled with deep driving undertones and soaring pads! The breakdown introduces a well thought out change of pace where the track dives into a deep emotive pluck theme before oozing into a bass driven climax! Don't miss this one!

A Sea Symphony continues in fine fashion from the former and is the more rhythmic of the pair with a deep brooding bass line, intricate plucks, haunting pianos, playful vocal chops and a real sweet hands in the air theme! Fasten your seatbelt!