08 Apr 2013
Alex Ender is the latest to strut his stuff on Inov8 with his double header, By n By and I'll Come. The Russian flexes his muscles for release sixty-three with two seriously powerful tracks for the more energetic floors. Alter Future completes the only remix, taking I'll Come into deeper, groovier territory!

By n By is led by a furious electro tinged bass line, driving percussion and big room riffs, which are sure to get feet moving on the floors! Soaring pads, emotive progressions and lulling melodies are also on show as the new Russian producer gives us a tour of his sound!

I'll Come is also on the money with it's crunching undertones, crisp production and chord sequence to die for! Dreamy, charismatic melodies lead the way in the break before being unleashed upon a very climatic chorus which will dent any set! Don't miss this one!

Alter Future who is hot off the heels of his single on the Prog imprint, completes the only remix with his stellar, classic Coldharbour styled mix!