12 Nov 2012
One of the finest melodies that you will hear this year..

Inov8 stands at the grass roots of Alter Ego Music where we find fresh, exciting and innovative talent and thrust them into the light! Two & One are exactly that and they bring us their red-hot debut single, See Your Smile!

Two young guys from Russia make up the Two & One duo and are clearly producing beyond their years! See Your Smile comes with a crystal cut sound and is packed to the rafters with melodic beatitude and raw power! We also have the trusty hands of Alter Ego man Orbion on remix duties with his two primo mixes!

The Original mix is brave and daring and outputs some of the lost creativity that some trance fans might be craving at the moment! One of the finest melodies that you will hear this year, fiery top lines with an abundance of power and will work wonders on any dance-floor it is propelled onto! Don't miss this beauty!

Orbion smashes out another great remix, gladly borrowing the melodic finery from original! Turning it on its head he gives it a more laid back deeper groove with warm plucks, soaring sidechain pads, lulling strings and solid undertones!

The Orbion emotional remix is far from what we usually hear from him but equally as powerful and danceable! A driving full on affair which is clearly for the unicorn slayers! Emotive and warm sounds with beautiful use of the original elements, don't miss this one!