03 Dec 2012
Next up on Inov8 Recordings is a new single from Israel, courtesy of Avi with the aptly named title, Mainstage for release fifty-six!

Huge beats and waves of sonic beauty chime out from the Israeli with a saw lead that could make a stadium bounce! First Effect take a bow for their first outing on the label with a very polished alternative uplifting mix!

The Original mix is a real fantastic production from the young Israeli, showing what a prospect he is for the future! Glitchy and energetic percussion, teasing synths and a no nonsense bassline glue the track nicely in place in the intro! Avi takes the track to the cleaners in the breakdown with a stadium size lead and payoff that will work on any dance floor across the globe! Don't miss this one!

First Effect take Mainstage into uplifting territory with their emaculate driving mix which has a real treat of a climax, going into psy territory! We love it!! Keep your eyes out for these guys!