27 Jul 2020
We welcome back a man who is no stranger to Alter Ego and who has been a regular on both the main label and progressive label for many years. Jamie Skehan aka Hanski makes a very welcome return to this side of music with his very refreshing and progressive number 'Synesthesia' on Alter Ego Progressive bringing in release 405. On remix duties we have Maywave.

'Synesthesia' is a wonderful story telling piece, with deep rich layers and a real powerful bass and groove. Seamless beats and bold driving undertones pave the way for a barrage of dazzling themes. Dropping in to the breakdown with real power and almost trance like elements. Great to have Hanski back with some fresh music.

Maywave drops in and gives 'Synesthesia' his signature driving Trance sound really completing the package. Real drive and power perfect for those peak time sets.