27 Jan 2020
We welcome back Miikka Leinonen serving up a fiery little number cleverly name after his daughter 'Lumi' for release 383. Miikka gave us this quote when we asked him about the story behind the track 'This is my tribute to finnish oldschool trance called kiksu back in 2000's when Sandstorm was fresh and trance still cool. Track itself is summery, dramatic and uplifting. It is my best solo work so far and Im proud to name it after my daughter'. On remixes duties we have Kayan Code.

The Original mix has a haunting atmosphere, a monster driving bassline and chunky percussion flow along with a lot of vibrancy. The breakdown starts of subtle and takes you on a journey of the gods with luscious keys and stunning vocal building out into a huge melody and drop. Raw power and drive, outstanding track for Miikka and a very fitting tribute.

On remix duties we have the mighty Kai Harmaala & Janne Hautala aka Kayan Code who needs no introduction. Giving 'Lumi' a slightly more uplifting / powerful take by pushing the tempo a little and giving a real hands in the air feel in the breakdown. Outstanding remix.