27 May 2019
US new boy to the label Gilbert Carrizales takes hold of the controls with his debut release on the Progressive imprint with 'Star Beacon'. On remix duties we have label regular Soren Andrews & Venetica.

'Star Beacon' has a fantastic drive and feel to it with a melody that will definitely keep you on your toes. Great tension building progressions throughout with a super powerful and poignant hook along with roaring undertones and silky percussive elements. Dropping down into one of the most beautiful breakdowns of the year so far.

First up on remix duties we have label home boy Soren Andrews giving 'Star Beacon' a chunky but funky take it needs. Using that stunning breakdown and keeping the progressive theme but just adding the bounce.

Second on remixes duties we have the mighty Ventica giving 'Star Beacon' the uplifting trance remix it so badly craves.