18 Mar 2019
We welcome a brand new artist to the Progressive label with one hell of a debut EP. US based Travis Beeler aka iamMTN brings us the Bottleneck EP for release 340.

The A-side and title track to this wonderful EP is 'Bottleneck'. Deep and driving undertones, a really dark and moody roller, driving percussion and some absolute gorgeous synth work and those big chords in the breakdown. It really does open the EP perfectly and takes you on a musically journey, a real dancefloor destoryer.

Next up is 'Mahavira' which follows the same sort of dark, driving and deep progressive feel just stepped up a noche. Big melodies in that breakdown make this a real powerful little number.

Last up is 'Last Size' which carrys more of a tribal theme, again taking that dark and deep trip down progressive lane with a really catchy vocal hook line. This one really does flow and take you on a journey with one hell of a breakdown. All in all a fantastic EP from Travis and we hope to have more like this.