30 Apr 2012
Miroslav Vrlik makes his debut on Inov8 Recordings with the double A side, See the Sun & Outside! With summer inspired melodies and assured beats this young Slovakian makes a great introduction for himself. Pierre In The Air and Purple Stories are on hand for two truly stellar remixes!

The original mix of See the Sun is an energetic driving affair with an abundance of dreamy sounds and lavish melodies coupled with a very memorable vocal stab and a truly divine breakdown. Hands in the air stuff from Mr.Vrlik!

Up and coming Alter Ego star Pierre In The Air does the honors on remix duties blasting See the Sun into more proggy territory. Warm and rich tones from the Australian with his chunky and extremely groovy sound, making fantastic use of the melodic finery and vocal from the original. Don't miss this one!

Purple Stories provides the only mix for Outside with his stomping big room sound, set to do some real damage in the upcoming months! Great work from this new talent.