12 Mar 2018
August Vila makes an impact with this Tangled Audio debut for TA153 with his track 'Poseidon'. A heavy low end powerhouse is what to expect here. There's certainly a deep sinister vibe to this track as it chugs along with Techno infused percussions and Trance plucks making a perfect match. The breakdown is entered cleverly keeping it's mood, powerful voices overlaying the pads before a stunning lead filters in slowly. Dropping back in to the beats you are hit with wall of bass, middle eastern vocal hits, acids and pure power.

MatricK is up for the remix and he is no stranger to the family. A slower number but equally as powerful with it's wobbling bassline and intricately detailed fx. The voice pads are the main focus entering the breakdown added to with tribal drumming as the lead builds with pads to the crescendo setting snare roll. Great work and a tasty package for any Tech Trance fans to behold.