05 Feb 2018
Cory Goldsmith is back with another brilliant Tech Trance beast. This thumps along with a rolling bass line and really clever FX hits and tweaks that refine the energy. As you power towards the breakdown you're teased with plucks that continue, building up with saw stabs panning. The drop has a sinister edge full of beefy vibes and a touch of mystery. Almost like a second drop, you are treated to groove packed section of kick and bass which keeps the charge towards to the outro.

Alex Mixail is up on remix for this one and he's done a great job. Slower in BPM but it doesn't lack energy. Crisp percussion accompanies a thundering bass line, stomping kick and chopped vocal hit fluttering on the off beat. Subtle acids float in the background as a soft synth hook develops and flows in to a pure atmosphere through the break. Keeping to the Tangled Audio vibe, the drop is pounding acids lines and grit.