23 Apr 2018
TA artist Divisional Phrase is no stranger and this is another dark and twisted animal. His unique style is what makes this special. Industrial, clean, clinical and all round driving energy. Acids build with a lead hook peaking to the break. Drifting vocals and arps float along beautifully as the melody softly filters in to open fully with intensity. The drop is filth and will have Tech Trance fans jumping with joy.

To add a lighter edge, more artists from the music group, Ruslan Device & Alex Bykra provide a smashing uplifting take on the track. Thumping kick and bouncing bass get the party started. Plucks come and the whole track lifts when the lead hooks takes control. Big pads elevate you high in the breakdown with massive plucks and leads galore making this a huge uplifter for those peak time hands in the air.