06 Nov 2017
Erika K is back on her home label. We always expect so much from our Cali girl and she hasn't let us down with this EP. 'Oakridge' is the first track and it's a real energetic, driving, deep and powerful piece of music. A lead hook accompanies the groove with an enchanting hook line. A delicately put together breakdown is deep with emotion in it's pads and swirling FX. A lead and bass build with the lead hook drifting you towards a classy drop.

Equus is up next and this is a more moody affair. Chugging in to an early breakdown that builds the mystical lead which flows beautifully in the main breakdown. Emotive pads, choirs, vocals, strings and pianos elevate the atmosphere so suddenly, with a gentle power. The build is topped with a drop that is super elegant. Welcome back Erika!!