05 Mar 2018
Allen Ma pres. M15 is up next on Tangled Audio for release 152. This is an absolute Tech monster. The kick thuds through an aggressive bass line providing the underbelly to a gritty encounter full of acids, saw stabs and clever fx. Going in to a break of suspense filled pads and gripping atmospheric before a massive lead hits you square in the face. After the euphoria has descended and faded you are slammed in to Tech madness. Floor destruction at it's best.

On remix duties we have a regular artist to Alter Ego Music Group, Ula. This is his typical, beautifully crafted uplifting Trance Journey. A rumbling bass line and delicate acids providing a delicious groove as pads and voices build the atmosphere. Floating in to the breakdown you go, soft plucks coming and out, the mood deepens. The lead is huge at the drop and is a real treat for the pure Trance fans out there. Fantastic stuff from the talented producer.