13 Nov 2017
10Stage open their account with this monster 'Remember This Time'. And you sure will! A fusion of Tech Trance and mystical beauty. An underlying aggression in the bass is perfectly matched with an overtone of pure brilliance. Full of pianos, Trance plucks and a wonderful uplifting lead through the break. Tech power descends for the raw drop and hits heavy before the heavenly lead piano combo lifts the whole track up.

Remixing duties have been taken up by another new signing, Rydex. Uplifting is the name of the game when it comes to this talented producer and the intro is nothing short of perfect. It ticks all the boxes for energy, bassline and beauty, drifting seamlessly in to the breakdown. The way the melody strikes you gives the big Trance uplift that you need in any set. More to come from these producers let hope.