20 Dec 2010
INOV8 is back in the snow with the very sun inspired Nylon from Finnish newcomer Tommy Baynen. Remixes on this one come from Alter Ego favorites Colonial One, Running Man with his Pres. Fifth Dimension Remix and a very chilled out progressive remix from Thomas Kelle. The Original Mix is a funk fused trancer with a great acoustic guitar theme and some very striking sounds taking the mind out of the cold and into the sun! Remix one is by Alter Ego boys Colonial One with their trademark sounds. They take the track down there own route with lush plucks and a very danceable bass line! Don't miss this one! Running Man steps in for remix two presenting his new guise Fifth Dimension with an abundance of energy and does so with style. Pulsating beats and sounds that will make this one shine in the clubs! Thomas Kelle lends his hand for the last remix and takes the track down a more beach terrace route!