01 Jan 1970
Mirage is the stunning new single from producer Digital Nature & collaboration partner ADE. It oozes anthem appeal with its mammoth breakdown, huge pads and a monster uplifting melody. Mirage is peak time trance goodness that effortlessly injects energy onto any dance floor. On the remix front UK producer Dan Stone was the first to step up providing a wonderful plucky alternative of Mirage while still maintaining the warmth and anthem qualities of the original. Certainly a well produced addition to the package. Polish producer Paul Miller also provided a similar upbeat uplifting styled trance mix but Miller has really held back on the anthem appeal right until the breakdown hits adding a great deal of suspense. A good club track for sure. Lastly production outfit 'Cressida' present us with their chunky progressive flavoured remix of Mirage. Adding a complete new vibe to the release in a now well known Cressida style works fantastically well and doesn't disappoint.