22 May 2017
'Happy Tears' is the newest track coming from Ruslan Device. It features his unique bouncy sound and driving energy coupled with chopped vocals and a little bit of grit. Wonderful pianos, choir vocals, pads and sweeps fill the breakdown before the beautiful melody comes in to make this a real trancer. Another top job from the label regular.

The first remix is from AE new boy Tyler Fox who provides a real funky groove for his version of the track. A slower tempo but a beast of a bassline and soulful energy. The pianos and bright and accompany lovely pads. The huge chords are played out for the drop and won't disappoint.

We have a second more chilled out prog remix coming from Furkan Senol which is a piece of tranquillity. Soft undertones and a delicate bassline help the energy float along for this ambient progressive magic.

Last but by no means least is a driving remix coming from Alex Zideyn. It's energy is unquestionable and has all the features of a classic in the making. Another new talent on the label and offers a powerful take on the original.