07 Oct 2013
Ukranian duo Fandy & Malyar make their debut on Inov8 Recordings with the icey cool Masala Tea for release eighty! A daring effort from this new talent on their debut who tick all the boxes with this dance-floor appetiser! On remix duties we have called in Saint Sinners & Mikhjian who both deliver great alternatives!

The Original mix is a tightly woven slice of Progressive pie, held together by a impressive driving bassline, striking melodic work, highly grooving percussion and silky big room atmospherics! Bags of quirky and unpredictable twists with enough power to make any dance-floor spin! Don't miss this one!

Saint Sinners are first up on the flip and continue along the same driving big-room sound! Glitched effects, warm melodic prints from the original and a piano led breakdown which evolves into a magnificent saw themed climax!

Mikhjian takes the final slurp from the glass with his progressive disco mix, beaming Masala Tea onto deeper floors!