01 Apr 2013
Araya & Mark Dreamer combine forces for release sixty-two on Inov8 Recordings with the boisterous, Con Rafal! A high energy, rich melodic trancer with a classical fused theme and an abundance of emotion!

Flying high in the wings we have EDU, Andy Hope and Flashtech with his pres Sygnus Remix, who all provide perfect alternatives!

The Original mix is a wonderful story telling piece, with rich layers of powerful, haunting melodic might! Seamless beats and driving undertones pave the way for a barrage of dazzling themes! Don't miss this one!

EDU doesn't mess around with his mix, implementing a seriously dirty electro tinged bass line with glitchy percussion and some breathtaking, no nonsense synth-work! Fasten your seat belts!

Andy Hope completes remix two with a more deep and darker take! Steady beats coupled with powerful brooding undertones, an orchestral breakdown and one hell of a climax!

The Flashtech pres Sygnus remix completes the package superbly with a gentle, driving and dreamy interpretation of Con Rafal!