Duncan Newell & Luigi Palagano

Gibbo (Remixes)

Release Date : 6th Aug 2018
We return with 3 outstanding progressive remixes of the tribute track 'Gibbo' from label bosses Duncan Newell & Luigi Palagano for release 313 on the progressive imprint.

First on remix duties and with a welcome return back to the label is Emme with his take on 'Gibbo'. Mariano Grasso gives Gibbo the chunky but funky feel with and outstanding dance floor destorying remix.

Second on remix duties is the Polish superstar that is Maywave with a slightly different take on 'Gibbo'. Keeping with the progressive line, Maywave gives 'Gibbo' a slightly more up tempo touch and the typical Maywave power we all know and love.

Finally we have Nathan Red who gives 'Gibbo' a well needed deeper touch turning down the tempo a little. Perfect for those more progressive sets it boasts a great overall feel, deep bass and a breakdown to die for with the typical emotionnally feel. Overall completing the package.

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