Regganes Tears

Release Date : 9th Jul 2018
Solewaas is back on AE for release 322 with his new track 'Regganes Tears'. The kick and bass combo really has a groove to it with it's electro influence, bouncing along happily towards a breakdown that is classically driven, full of sincerity. Pianos and sensual plucks play a big part of a powerful string section building towards an emotional drop. Top stuff from the talented producer.

Brent Rix & Mechanical Chords are on remix duties and they have made a stunning uplifter. Gritty, Driving and Intense are all words you would use to describe this powerhouse full of deep bass and acids. A few leads notes are filtered, teasingly, in and out before you drift off on a luscious journey. There's a real epic feel to this stunning production.

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