Metta & Glyde

Elixir / I Wish You Would

Release Date : 14th May 2018
Metta & Glyde are back after their stunning first EP. 'Elixir' is the first track on the new outing and it really beat expectations. There's a certain groove to the well crafted bass line and energy by the bucket load. The intro is tough but delicate at the same time before leading you to acid medley in the break. A massive lead melody blasts you from nowhere and really is something. Don't be surprised to hear a Tech drop sensation following though as their raw style shines.

A double A-Side for sure with 'I Wish You Would' up next. Beautiful from the start, this mighty track is lively and just a groovy as the first. A mix of twisted vocals, swishing fx and pads tease you as you go through the break with leads building and break beats adding so much. The drop is tantalising and will make you smile with so much joy. Another fantastic EP from our boys.

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