Haris C & Alexis Mixail


Release Date : 14th May 2018
The debut album by Haris C has some amazing tracks and '11:11' is one selected for a single release. Haris C & Alexis Mixail display their talent with this Trance beauty. A slow number with luscious vocals, warm bass and energy added to with the pluck leads.

For this pack Haris has done a monster of a Tech mix and it's banging. Grit and power, chopped vocals and saw stabs galore yet still displaying the eerie uplifting vibes of the original with it's divine breakdown. The drop is something that will smash the door off the club time and again.

We have a special remix for this track coming from none other than Steve Allen. An uplifting master piece packed to the rafters with rolling energy, warmth and euphoria. The lead sounds huge with Steve's touch and this is peak time Trance at it's very best.

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