8 P.M

My Heart Is Broken

Release Date : 16th Apr 2018
Making their first appearance on the label is Russian progressive artist 8 P.M serving up a melodic masterstroke with “My Heart Is Broken” on our Progressive imprint for release 297. A fine introduction for this new talent with a real warmth to their sound, along with great atmospherics and a stunning piano melody. To complete this package we have a remix Odison.

The original Mix beams out an abundance of high quality sounds and colours, led by wild undertones and flirtatious percussion. Dazzling themes are introduced in the break alongside a beautifully written piano sequence and glittering top lines. Definitely puts you on a sunny beach somewhere!.

Remix duties are taken care of in style by the progressive superstar that is Oidson with a slightly different take on ”My Heart Is Broken”. Keeping with the progressive line, Odison gives a slightly more deeper and progressive take on the Original.

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