Frank Dueffel

Dalt Vila

Release Date : 16th Apr 2018
Frank Dueffel makes a very welcome return to the Alter Ego Music stable with his next release 'Dalt Vila' coming out for AE311. There's a power behind this one and energy by the tonne. Floating plucks and arps tease the vibes early on over a super rolling bass line. It really makes you smile as you hit the breakdown pianos and swirling pads. Melodic heaven definitely follows for a peak time masterpiece.

Remixing this are the very talented South Of The Stars. Although slower in BPM it is certainly packed with beef. The bass line has an awesome groove topped with a snapping snare and elements of bliss. Chopped vocals flutter around the deep pads in the breakdown as the lead builds the euphoria. The drop is absolutely huge on this one with massive chord saw leads.

Another huge release from our stable of artists around the world.

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