Ander One

Boom / Opinion

Release Date : 12th Mar 2018
Making a welcome return back to the Progressive Imprint is Ukrainian based new boy Andrii Salishchev aka Amber One with an outstanding second EP with “Boom / Opinion” completing release number 292.

“Boom” which suitablely suits the impact of its bassline, it has a fantastic drive and feel to it with a melody that will definitely keep you on your toes. Great tension building progressions throughout with a super powerful and poignant hook along with roaring undertones and silky percussive elements.

“Opinion” takes a slightly different approach with a more driving bassline, warm driving beats and slightly more techy undertones, heart-felt plucks and an undemanding yet enchanting theme which will leave you hitting the repeat button. Outstanding EP from returning talent, sure to make an impact on the dancefloors.

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