Fallen Drops

Release Date : 12th Feb 2018
TA147 in next up and we have a new artist to the label, RYDEX, and what a debut it is. 'Fallen Drops' is driving, uplifting Trance. The bassline is really well made and full of energy. Plucks and a lead hook sit well in the mix as they come in lifting things higher even before the break down. You're hit with beautiful pads and a lead that screams euphoria. The drop is really all you ever want from uplifting Trance. Top debut.

For the remix, New York based duo K&F have created a Tech beast with their signature groove. Old school vibes and punchy energy bounce along with a chopped vocals before key changing bass and choirs transition you to the break. With filtering in and out leads the atmosphere builds, the lead opens to full on Trance mode before we go down the Tech rabbit hole. You're also treated to the lead coming back in for some hands on the air moments.

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