Kiyoi & Eky Vs Wisnu AP


Release Date : 25th Dec 2017
For the last release of 2017 we have a return from regular artists Kiyoi & Eky and their new friend Wisnu AP. Anambas is presented to you for TA145 and is a powerful piece of Tech Trance. The track starts with tech saws hits, a pounding bass line and driving acids lines. The suspense builds as you are thrown in to the breakdown. The pads and lead melody come in fast and build to a huge uplifting lead with break beats keeping the energy behind the melody. The drop really sends the year out in style with its absolute floor destroying tech mania. The lead comes back in later in the track to bring the euphoria back to the front. Banging tune for peak time sets anywhere in the world.

A great way to finish this year.

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