Someday / Navigate

Release Date : 18th Dec 2017
Next up on our Progressive line we have a refreshing double header all the way from the Russian by another regular artist to the label 'Irdi', dishing up the lovely “Someday / Navigate” EP for release 285.

First on this outstanding double header we have “Someday” which is an energy charged chunky number driven by a crunching bassline and an insanely catchy theme. Boasting a terrific piano led breakdown with stunningly warm and unforgettable vocal chops and big room chords.

Next we have “Navigate” which kicks off with a blend of warm driving beats, glittering melodic displays, heartfelt themes, playful vocal work and rich undertones. Bouncing out of the breakdown to a stunning melody and very catchy vocal chop. An outstanding new release from this young Russian.

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