Phillip J feat Kim Casandra

Release Me

Release Date : 18th Dec 2017
For AE298 we have a delightful vocal track coming from new signings Phillip J and Kim Casandra. 'Release Me' is a beautiful groove filled, energy packed track. Delicate arps play in the background as the vocal powers the emotions towards the breakdown that is pure bliss. Pianos are accompanied by whooshing pads and vocals before the melody builds to a classic Trance drop. Lovely stuff and also includes a dub mix. Massive tune!

On remix we have 4 eYe who is no stranger to Alter Ego. A more progressive version of the track with cleverly placed arps from the original keeping the vibe. The breakdown is sublime and has luscious fx on the vocals. Guitars layered with the vocal before the melody comes in give it a great vibe as you build to the chunky style drop that we have come to expect from 4 eYe.

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