Jon Bourne

Cegled / It Feels Right

Release Date : 31st Jul 2017

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Release Date :: 31st July
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Label :: Alter Ego Progressive

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Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Van Dyk, Tjerk Armada, Ben Alonzi , Bluespark, Chapter XJ, Claus Backslash, Colonial One, Dimensions, DJ Johnny L, Erika K, Farid, GP1, Manuel Le Saux, Manuel Rocca, Michael Fearon, Miika Eloranta (Super 8), MIKE / Push, Myon & Shane 54, North Pole, Ozan, Ruben Casas , Scott Lowe, Suncatcher, Suzy Solar, Tampa Uplifting, Gregus Laszlo, Flash Brothers, Jaytech

We welcome back Jon Bourne for another outstanding double header providing the treasure for release 266 and his forth release of 2017 on Alter Ego Progressive, this man is on fire at the moment. A totally new talent to Alter Ego Progressive, this UK based newcomer really impresses with an superlative double headed melodic scorcher with the “Cegled' / 'It Feels Right”. Nostalgic, liberating tones with host of elated sounds from this exciting new talent! Crispy beats over bold tones on both tracks as Jon bring in some serious swagger to the table, and is really impressing a lot of DJ's at the moment with his sound.

'Cegled' just shows what emotion Jon can inject into this music. Really does hit the spot with a remarkable breakdown which fuses a real happy piano line and another stunning overall theme thoughtout the breakdown. A real heartfelt emotive theme and a climax that will leave your feet only wanting to do one thing, dance!

'It Feels Right' if Jon's first vocal track on the label and what a track it is. Fusing Jon's energy charged crunching bassline and an insanely catchy theme. Boasting a terrific guitar led breakdown with lots of worldly atmospherics, and a stunning vocal sample top line which teases before sliding into a celestial climax! Hats off to Jon for this pure melodic rapture!

An outstanding forth EP from Jon and cant wait to see what he can do going forward.


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