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Alter Ego Digital is back with up and coming russian star Running Man with the magical 'Solace'. We have a real treat in for remixes with Exclusive Alter Ego artist Peter Lesko, Manuel Le Saux and Blugazer who is set to make a fantastic debut on Alter Ego soon.

The Original Mix is a delightful piece of uplifting trance, with super tight production and a melody that will leave you wanting more. The track is based around a beautifully crafted guitar theme! Don't miss this one!!!

Peter Lesko's remix really shows what a fine young producer he is and paves the way for his new EP which is coming out in a few weeks. He makes brilliant use of the melody and theme from the original yet stamping all over it with his own clean and dynamic sound. Don't miss this one!!

Manuel Le Saux stops in for remix two and does so in style with his more uplifting rendition of solace. Packed full of energy and lots of hands in the air moments.

New Alter Ego signing Blugazer steps in to finish of the release with his unique sound! Keep your eye out for this man as he has a brilliant debut coming very soon!!

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