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Alter Ego Records brings in the summer festival months with the huge 'Lost In Time' from label boss & Armada artist, Rory Gallagher. A truly Monstrous original is accompanied by an uplifting version from Rory and two fantastic remixes from the very in form Yuan & JPL.

The Original mix is a true festival flavour with an abundance of glittering dynamics and sounds that will surely lift up and spin around any crowd.

Lost In Time starts with a very hypnotic intro theme, which then transforms into a really dark yet delightfully poignant breakdown with a haunting melody that smashes itself back in to life with great effect!! With a range of diverse elements in this mix Rory makes it one to remember. Don't miss this one!!!

The uplifting mix does everything it says on the tin and more, with a deep driving bassline and underlying melody borrowed from the original this mix certainly takes it to dizzy new heights!! For those of you who didn't fancy the main hook, this one is for you!!

Remix one comes all the way from China, from the very fresh sound of Yuan. He manages to turn the original on its head with a completely different take, making it into a fantastically groovey number for those early sets!

JPL completes the package in fine style with his unique take on the original which will please all of his fans!!

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