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New Alter Ego signing Dave Horne steps up to provide us release number 26 on the Pure imprint and he does so in style with the fantastically crafted 'For So Long'. The original mix also comes with a truly Epic Ilya Soloviev Sunset remix!

Dave Horne is perhaps known more for his deeper progressive sound on Anjunadeep, but he shows a different side to his production with 'For So Long'. With lots of inspiring sounds and a real melancholy melody this is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Ilya Soloviev steps in to spice up the proceedings with his Sunset Mix, which is an absolute belter! He uses all the melodic finery from the original and manages to inject some real energy into his mix. Seamless percussion, delicate synthwork and a balearic style breakdown make this mix Pure Gold! Do not miss this one!!!

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