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The debut single release from Romanian producer Suncatcher is this driving trancer Losing Daylight. It's a simple yet solid production with a massive rolling bass line, huge climax and an awesome melodic melody that fits the mix perfectly.

First up on remix duty is dutch producer Mark Versluis who has added his own unique spin to turn in a stunning peak time club stormer. The introduction of a new lead has really brought the mix to life and the crisp production as always from Versluis is top class.

Next up - fellow Inov8 producer Reconceal as usual creates a healthy slice of full on uplifting madness with this stunning rendition of Losing Daylight. It's packed with an immense build up, waves of floating melodies and divine dance floor beats which make this a welcomed addition to the release.

Lastly, UK producer Actuate delivers an alternative sounding remix of Suncatcher's single with some cool new tech flavours and a superb groove that could easily wet any appetite.

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