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Alter Ego Pure is back with the latest offering from UK Trance team Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland, with the very sublime 'Surya'. Remixes come from Enhanced's main man Temple One, Our very own Sasha Virus, Eldritch Project & an Extended Break Mix to top it off!

The Original Mix is a potent bass driven Trancer with some amazing synthwork that glows throughout. A very atmospheric breakdown is captivated by some real poignant melodies and transforms this beauty into one hell of a journey!! Gorgeous!!

Ehanced favourite Temple One steps in for remix one and gives us a real treat! It sounds like your typical Temple One remix but it still works beautifully taking a somewhat backseat to the original in terms of energy but still manages to press all the right buttons. Dont miss this one!

Alter Ego favorite Sasha Virus takes care of remix three with a real slick and broody progressive mix blending the melodies from the original with his own unique sounds. Check this one out!!!

Eldritch Project steps in on remix number four and does so in real style, taking a more classic sounding route he uses the melodies from the original to great effect and whips up a gorgeous slice of uplifting trance!

The Extended Break Mix is the final remix and does what it says on the tin, extending that great breakdown from the original mix!

With five fantastic mixes to choose from we are sure one of these versions will tickle you!

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