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Alter Ego Pure 012 offers a huge collaboration between French wonder Static Blue and Alter Ego artists Fast Distance. Their joint efforts are well rewarded as this floaty summer felt track has some real punch and stunningly beautiful music which we have come to expect from both parties.

First up to the remix plate is Alter Ego new comer Saint Rush. This remix has a deeper driving club feel about it, embracing an edgy yet fresh synth sound while still maintaining the essence of the originals summer feel.

On second remix duty is another Alter Ego regular, John Huijibers. Not disappointing, his remix has lead the track down his unmistakable progressive path. This remix really takes the floaty summer feel and is moulded carefully round that deep progressive bass line. A well added sound to this package.

Haris C delivers the last remix to the Floating World package. This version comes in a long line of blistering tracks Haris has recently completed for Alter Ego. As usual Haris C's stamp is full of energy with a classic yet contemporary main breakdown. I nice hint of Balearic sounds and enough sweeping synths to draw you in right before the perfectly timed delivery of full on power. Top marks Mr C.

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