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Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak team up with hot UK vocalist Tiff Lacey to bring you a stunning driving trance release of epic proportions. Tiff provides some amazing euphoric vocals why Luke & Kopi have laid down beats destined to rock any dance floor.

Finnish producer Mystery Islands couldn't wait to get his hands on Fall Into The Moon to remix and has delivered probably one of his best sounding productions to date. Complete with dub mix for the none vocal lovers out there.

Up and coming Alter Ego artist Allan O'Marshall turns in a well crafted remix with a completely new groove and cheeky vocal cuts!

Fellow Alter Ego artist Rob B delivers a fine remix with a truly epic breakdown. A well deserved edition to this package.

Lastly Luke Terry himself delivers a club mix under his Akemi alias with a stunning new lead and overall feel to offer a nice alternative to this release.

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