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Slovakian producer Michael Pure joins the Alter Ego roster with this deep and melodic release entitled Liberty. True to our Alter Ego Progressive sound this track has all of the necessary markings - deep base, melodic riffs and packed with energy that easily keeps the momentum running. The down beat break fills the room with lush atmosphere and intensely delivers a feet moving main section that works perfect in the clubs.

First up to remix Liberty is a collaboration from newcomer Giran M and recently signed Finnish producer Thomas Feijk. Their version has transcribed the release into a deeper groovier track. Focusing mainly on a bass and chord based build up, it's wonderfully hypnotic and carries a fresh piano sound with hints of strings to give this mix a grand feel. The stabby styled chords in full motion present an uplifting vibe, which when the beat hits lays out an amazing Balearic sound. Delightful!

The last piece to the Liberty package is a solo remix from Thomas Feijk. Thomas's mix is a more trance inspired affair which works great as an alternative to the other mixes. The breakdown is truly epic and carries some serious dance floor grooves. Couple this with the expertly executed fills and riffs that complement the whole production and you've got a definite winner.

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