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Synaptic Sex is the amazing funky progressive sounds from Nick Thompson and James Vickers. This perfectly crafted production rocks any dance floor with its chunky grinding bass line and nifty guitar hook!

The Synaptic Sex remixes are just as good with the likes of Terje Bakke, 4Mal and 3 Colours on the case. Terje’s mix is an amazing take on the original with a fantastic deep flavour and massive energy that keeps your head grooving right until the last kick.

4Mal present the most up-tempo remix while also enlisting the help of Elven Fox to add some amazing vocal adlibs to make their track truly unique.

Lastly 3 Colours is back with a remix after his previous release on Alter Ego Progressive. His rendition rightly so adds a progressive house twist to the package and easily slaps the cherry on top of what’s already an amazing release.

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