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Jeremy Cordonnier Aka Oceania is back on Alter Ego Digital with the sizzling progressive number 'Breakaway' with remixes from Hodel & Terry, Oceania & Naughty.

The Original Mix of Breakaway is a delightful progressive affair with all the fruits that you have come to expect from Jeremy Aka Oceania. The gorgeous synthwork in the breakdown really paints a beautiful picture and the poignant breakdown oozes into a great climax with sweeping synths and a very energetic bassline.

The first remix is from Jeremy himself under his more popular guise Oceania. He goes down the more progressive route with this mix but still uses the melodic finery from the original to make this mix really go places.

Remix three comes from Naughty, who adds a more broody bassline to the proceeding. It still keeps all the melodic goodness in the breakdown but manages to increase the heat somewhat from the original!

Last but by no means least is Hodel & Terry's Summer Sun mix. This mix boasts the most energy and really takes you on a journey with its pulsing synths and soaring leads. This one is sure to rock any sound system this summer! Dont miss this one!

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