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The latest release from Alter Ego Digital comes from Dutch duo Amphiby & Spiral Motion. We present the driving sounds of Liquid Mask with its layers and layers of uplifting power that easily steps up the pace on any global dance floor. This amazing release also includes an extremely well polished remix selection from Mark Versluis, Akira Kayosa, Shifted Reality and Qursion.

First up to remix this beauty is Mark Versluis. His remix is a well crafted uplifting alternative that brings an epic styled breakdown and new melodies to life in a full on fashion.

UK producer Akira Kayosa injects some pure energy into his mix delivering what can only be described as peak time, feet moving perfection.

Russian producer Qursion returns to present his rendition of Liquid Mask which also offers a full on peak time experience. Qursion's unmistakable sound quality shines through in this tasty production.

Lastly, Russian producer Shifted Reality rounds off this release by effortlessly taking the Dutch duo's melodies and churning out a progressive masterpiece. The end result being an amazing groovy track that just ooze's silky smooth elements and waves of melodies.

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