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John Huijbers returns to Alter Ego, this time on the Digital imprint with his new production 'The Day Before'. Staying true to his other productions, Huijbers delivers that driving, trance sound with big room appeal. 'The Day Before' builds with the usual energy and anticipation you would expect from an Alter Ego release. An amazingly catchy lead, wonderful groove and epic breakdown with a refreshing piano riff and cinematic strings set pace for a full on main section to follow. True trance at it's best.

Belgian producer Icone returns for his working of this track. Staying true with the melodies and riffs of the original, Icone adds his very energetic bass line typical to his productions, giving the pack that driving peak trance sound.

Also returning to Alter Ego Digital is Stealth. After his remix success on David & Carr's hit 'Every Day', Stealth adds a new sound and depth to the package. This remix takes the main chord progressions and strips away the traditional trance riffs, leaving you with a heads down driving groove, ready to sit in to any set and adding a well deserved alternative version to the release.

Finishing this release off are now Alter Ego main stays 'David & Carr'. With a slightly new direction for them, this remix really adds yet a fourth direction to this release. The massive electro Esq. base line simply tears through right from the start. The main section of this remix takes elements of the original and works them in to create a stabby, tech sounding monster ready to amass dance floor devastation.

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