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After several remixes for Alter Ego Records, UK producers Firestorm finally see a single release on the label with not 1 but 2 fine productions entitled Solstice & Equinox. Solstice does not disappoint with its solid production style and heavy dance floor beats that we’ve come to expect from the Firestorm duo. The flipside to this release comes in the form of a prog-trancer called Equinox. Not be missed this solid b-side track is a perfect warm up material for any set.

On remix duty of Solstice is Italian producer Manuel Le Saux. His version is a full on driving trance take with a huge break down and mammoth build. A top notch peak time trance production showcasing the talents of Le Saux to full effect.

Also presenting a remix of Solstice is Kamil Polner with friend Lucas B. Their tech felt remix takes Solstice in another direction altogether. Also with its huge breakdown this version just explodes after the interlude… a proper club mix in your hands here!!

Lastly UK producers Akira Kayosa & Joe Berelli rework Equinox to polish off a groovy yet melodic remix that you just can’t help tapping your feet to.

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