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When two creative minds combine the result is usually of a very powerful nature, and 'Remember Me' exhibits that in abundance.

Alter Ego label boss and Armada artist Rory Gallagher teams up with American vocalist Sean Ryan on the very emotive, progressive fused trancer, Remember Me!

To add to the very unique original we have three exceptional remixes to boot from; Enhanced man Stonevalley, Alter Ego brothers Colonial One and a man who will be making a lot of noise very soon, Boxer.

The Original Mix is based around Sean's haunting and powerful vocal tones. Sharp and edgy percussion, rock solid bassline, a massive piano breakdown theme and a main lead to take any club roof off! Something abit different from Rory and Sean! Dont Miss this one!!

Stonevalley's remix is a wonderful take on the original, adding energy, crunching beats, a steamroller bassline and makes great use of the vocal! He also adds a haunting take on the melody from the original with a hair raising lead. Destined for some serious dance floor action we take our hats off to Stonevalley on this mix!

Italian brothers Colonial One hand in remix number two and far from disappoint with possibly their finest remix to date! Quirky upbeat trance as per their usual blueprint! Chunky beats and bass, warm pads, a slight switch up on the melody and an epic breakdown with an even better climax!

Up and coming UK producer Boxer rounds up the release with his knockout mix! Showing of his dark and techy sound he takes Remember Me into a different light. Lots of crowd pleasing moments packed into this instrumental mix! Enjoy!

We have also provided you all with the dub mixes for those who prefer theirs without the fabulous vocals!

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