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We are celebrating an end of an era, as Alter Ego Pure is closing its books. We are proud to look back on an amazing five years of Alter Ego Pure music spanning 32 releases, paving the way for some of Trance's biggest stars and a host of extremely talented producers!

Kicking off in 2006 with the 'Kamil Polner EP' and over the years housing some of the biggest tunes from artists such as; Abbott & Chambers, Fast Distance, 7 Skies & Static Blue, Sonicvibe, Estiva, Dan Stone, Luke Terry & Kopi Luwak, Rozza, Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland, David & Carr, Sonic Element, Emotional Horizons, Running Man and many, many more.

We hope you enjoy this collection and have enjoyed the last five years of Alter Ego's Pure music!

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