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Alexander Zhakulin debuts on Alter Ego Progressive with his sure fire summer hit 'Origin Of Beauty'. Equipped with all the essentials to make the club jump but yet sooth on your ipod! In addition to this cracker we have a remix from Alter Ego stable mate Espen Lorentzen who injects his own sauce to fire up the proceedings!.

The original mix boasts potent sounds, solid glitch percussion and an array of glittering sounds that could see some major festival play this summer! The Russian man provides a frankly mesmerizing melody that will leave you whistling all day long! Don't miss this fantastic introduction from newcomer Alexander Zhakulin.

Espen provides the alternative mix which is slightly darker and has more of a bite to it! The usual quality we have come to expect from Mr.Lorentzen who cements his sound all over it! Lovely warm and crisp sounds with a big bang in the middle and a twist!

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