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Michael Rehulka is a name that everyone knows, and at some point everyone would of heard one of his wonderful productions.

Sadly on the 14th of November 2018, Michael passed away. He was a massive influence to artists, and to other labels and really had a unique sound and style when it came to his progressive productions.

Michael had 3 amazing releases on Alter Ego with 'Endless Love', 'Dreaming' & 'All I Need' and a string of releases on other labels within the industry. As a fitting tribute some our finest names on the label have joined forces to give there take on Michael's original tracks.

We have remixes from Adam Sobiech, Like Giants, Eric De Le Vega, Marcel Vautier, Alexander Dark & Atleha as well as the Original Mixes of the tracks for those that didn't get to hear them the first time around.

Rest in peace Michael, a gifted producer who left us prematurely and someone that will be missed by many.

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